About North Shore Off-Road Centre

Since 1984, North Shore Off-Road Centre has been helping customers build their dream vehicles. We pride ourselves on having the best customer service and largest selection of parts in the industry. We also run three, very busy, full-service automotive shops where our technicians can be found doing small jobs such as brakes, to larger jobs including lift kits and custom suspension. Proud to be an Integra Tire Installation Centre, we are able to provide our customers with the comfort and safety by the installation of most brands of tires on Trucks, Jeeps, SUV’s and Cars.

With our online services, our goal is to provide aftermarket products to Canadians without the hassle of cross-border shipping and outrageous brokerage fees. As such, we only sell to Canadian addresses. We will also do our very best to price match all sites for deliveries in Canada. You can shop online at nsor.com or visit our Facebook or Instagram pages.

Available Services


Warranty approved maintenance services.


Installation available for lighting, tonneau covers, truck caps, side bars, winches, hitches and much more..


Brake replacement and upgrades.


Installation of aftermarket performance exhaust systems.


Prepurchase vehicle inspections.


Specializing in suspension upgrades.

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