Tech Tuesday: The Cold is Coming, Posi-Lok Time

With the cold and icy season on our doorstep, we here at North Shore Off-Road have been receiving more and more questions and orders for Posi-Loks. What has been becoming very obvious is that some people don’t understand what this product does and even more people seem to not know that it exists. So I decided to take this opportunity to try and give a brief break-down of this useful system.

For starters well talk about the basic CAD (Center Axle Disconnect) system which has been used on a variety of vehicles such as Chevy K and S series, Dodge Ram 1500-3500 trucks as well as RamChargers and TrailDusters, Ford F150 trucks and Wrangler YJ(87-95), Cherokee XJ(84-01) and Comanche MJs(85-92). The CAD system is used in front drive axles and it consists of a two part long side axle shaft with a controllable connecting collar that slides into place to activate four wheel drive. This systems allows for less wear and tear as well as less chance of vibrations and better turning ability while in two wheel drive, and when the operator decides to engage four wheel drive the collar connects the two parts of the shaft thus putting power to the front wheels. The CAD system is commonly compared to locking hubs and although it produces to same results, it is not generally considered as reliable.

The big problem with a CAD system is that on the older vehicles it uses a vacuum system to activate and deactivate. When these vehicles first came out with this system it worked fantastically but as time goes on and these vehicles get older and older, wear and tear as well as natural elements have began to break down vacuum lines and cause issues in the engagement system. What happens most is that people do not engage four wheel drive for a period of months or even years and then when a cold winter or sticky situation arises and the driver tries to use the CAD system, it fails. The connection collar is also a very weak point for anyone who uses these vehicles for heavy duty or off road purposes. As time goes on less of less of the original CAD systems remain functional.

Luckily for those who are having issues with their CAD system, or for those who simply want to proactively delete a possible point a failure, Posi-Lok has the solution. A simple cable engagement system designed to take all guess work and vacuum issues out of the picture is available for the most popular applications. These kits fully remove the vacuum actuator and replace it with a sturdy cable system that is then mounted in the cab of the vehicle at the drivers convenience so that whenever you want to engage the axle coupler you simply pull the cable and away you go. All hardware and instructions are included with each kit and just about anyone can install one of these units in their driveway.

If you are having issues or don’t trust you vacuum actuated CAD system then look no further, Posi-Lok has the answer. For more information on these kits visit our website and order your today.